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Take the next step and live an experience beyond the academic, Take advantage of all the benefits that IEEE has for you and make new friends that will contribute to your future professional
in which you can apply the skills you learn inside and outside the classroom so you can lead and impact the world around you.


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More than 50 years

Contributing leaders to society

The arrival of man on the moon, the invention of the Intel 4004 Microprocessor, the launch of Telstar I and The first television transmission via satellite were some of the events that marked a very important decade for our society and it was this same one on which our branch was founded.

Our History

Conferences & Events

We invite you to know the most important events and conferences that we have developed during this great year.

We are a team

Establishing a way to contribute to the development of our society.

Belonging to the District University "Francisco José de Caldas", as a team we share the same objective: Contribute to the professional development of students and the educational community, providing spaces for the development of leadership and interdisciplinary work, which results in volunteers committed to their work and allows us to be recognized as one of the most outstanding branches at national, regional level and worldwide.

Courses and workshops

Promoting the development of research and innovation

Talleres y cursos

Talleres y cursos

Curso ArcGIS Pro descubriendo patrones a través de análisis geográficos de crímenes en Bogotá Desarrollado con la colaboración de ESRI Colombia el día...
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Awards & acknowledgments

Since its foundation, the IEEE student branch of the District University has received a large number of recognitions for the work it has done in the development of technology and in the training of leaders who have done great things in the name of the IEEE Institute.