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Logotipo actual de la rama estudiantil IEEE-UD.

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The IEEE Branch of the Francisco José de Caldas District University is the first Colombian student association affiliated with the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). It is located in room 402 of the Faculty of Engineering of the District University " Francisco José de Caldas", which was baptized in 2001 as "Sala Kirrmann ABB" and has been in continuous operation since October 16th, 1962.



Provide opportunities and contribute to the personal and professional development of the members, and in general, of the entire student community of the District University "Francisco José de Caldas", impacting at the local level with activities that integrate social, technical and academic sense.


The IEEE-UD Student Branch will be recognized within the District University community and, in general, within the IEEE community, as a lead agency that generates projects and which will provide development opportunities for the enrichment and strengthening of the professional training of its students. members and collaborators, to achieve through these projects to be the most important and active IEEE Student Branch within the R9 and IEEE worldwide.


  • Promote academic spaces that encourage research in areas related to engineering, contributing to the comprehensive training of competent professionals.

  • Conduct academic and research projects that generate a positive impact on society.

  • Organize technical, academic and personal training activities that contribute to the comprehensive training of competent professionals.

  • Foster academic excellence and knowledge exchange both within the District University and outside it.

  • Participate in technical and non-technical events that contribute to the integral formation of its members.

  • Disseminate and promote the benefits of belonging to the IEEE.

  • Foster integration between student and professional members of the IEEE.

Meet our team

Directive Committee student branch IEEE-UD 2018.


Pedro Ricardo Rodríguez Guzmán
He is a 10th-semester student of electronic engineering at the District University "Francisco José de Caldas". He is a very disciplined, dedicated and responsible student, a lover of pizza, technology and trance music. He has been an active volunteer of the branch since 2013, volunteer of the RAS and AESS chapters, leading student of the IEEE-UD research center and room coordinator.



Luisa Fernanda Cajamarca
She is a student of Systems Engineering at the District University "Francisco José de Caldas", Vice-president of the IEEE student branch and president of the Computer UD Chapter. She also belongs to the largest dance percussion group on the planet "AAINJAA".


Gabriela León Celis
She is Gabriela León, she is 20 years old and she studies electronic engineering in the District University, she goes in 6 semester; her hobbies are reading, writing, watching series and going to the stadium; she is considered a punctual, honest, perfectionist, extroverted, sociable and responsible person.


Academic Coordinator

David Albadan
I am a 7th semester student of electronic engineering, I like to learn new things and I hope to generate impact in society through research, I consider myself somewhat introverted, my biggest passion is electronics.

Room Coordinators

Jose Alejandro Calderón Parada
I am José Alejandro Parada Calderón student of Electronic Engineering, my experience in IEEE has been about 3 years in which I was president in 2017, I help from my personal experience to the growth and development of the branch in IEEE with my graphic design, management and attention to the public and my study in Banking Management and commercial advice.
Laura Tijaro
She is Laura Tijaro, she is 19 years old, she studies electronic engineering in the district university, she is studying in 6 semester; her hobby is tennis, it's her favorite sport, she's training taekwondo now; she likes to read and most of all books of fantasy and romance. She was considered a punctual, honest and correct person.


Coordinador de Red y Webmaster

Giovanni Guerrero Zamora
He is Giovanni Guerrero Zamora, student of Electronic Engineering, currently in 6th semester. He facilitates the handling of most CMS platforms and was developed as a freelancer, his strengths are the administration of servers with Linux type distribution and web development with PHP and JSP.

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