This year we receive two types of contributions: Full Papers or Posters. Only full papers will be considered to be published into our proceedings while posters will be presented at special sessions.

All papers must follows the selected paper formatting:

Instructions and templates for conference papers

Submission deadlines can be found at our webpage:

WEA 2016 submission deadlines

Please submit all your papers via our EasyChair website:

Types of submissions.

WEA 2016 opened the possibility of having three kind of submissions:

  1. Regular submissions which are regular papers dedicated to general topics of one of the tracks.
  2. Special Session submissions which are papers submitted to a special sesion organized by an expert on a specific topic who want to  strengthen relationships among researchers and/or practicioners in that specific topic.
  3. Poster submissions are on-the-way works that show partial advances or in-design methodologies of engineering applications. Also, the program committee can accept a full paper to be presented as poster, depending on reviewers’ recommendations.

Information about special, regular sessions and posters will be available soon !!!

All authors are invited to submit their papers/posters to any kind of submission without any  limitation !!!

Associated Journals.

Selected papers from WEA 2016 will be considered to be published in one of the Associated Journals. More info can be found at: Associated Journals section

Past publications.

All accepted papers of WEA 2015 and WEA 2012 can be found in the Past Publications section