2017 Workshop on Engineering Applications (WEA)

Final Program
WEA 2017 Program V7

Wednesday 27 Sept – 2016, Venue: Ternera Auditorium

Registration: 07:30 – 08:00
Opening Ceremony: 08:00 – 08:30

Plenary Speaker: Heriberto Roman-Flores (Chile) – “Caos multívoco”. 08:30 – 10:00

Coffee Break: 10:00 – 10:30

Plenary Speaker: Roman Neruda (Czech Republic) – “Deep is the new black !!!”. 10:30 – 12:00

Lunch: 12:00 – 14:00

Tutorial “Implementando la Industria 4.0: un primer paso en OPC UA, FDI y AutomationML” by Juan David Contreras: 13:00 – 17:00  CANCELED

Special Sessions: Detailed below

Thursday 28 Sept – 2016, Venue: Ternera Auditorium

Plenary Speaker: Meza Benavides – “Algorithms for the optimization of photovoltaic systems”. 08:30 – 10:00

Coffee Break: 10:00 – 10:30

Plenary Speaker: Jose Emmanuel Ramirez (USA) – “Understanding Society through Technology Resilience Engineering Applications”. 10:30 – 12:00

Lunch: 12:00 – 14:00

Tutorial “Introducción a las redes neuronales artificiales: de la neurona artificial a las redes neuronales profundas” by Alvaro David Cañon: 13:00 – 17:00. Room: Laboratorio Ingeniería Industrial 1

Tutorial “Trading Algorítmico para todos !!!” by Germán Hernández-Pérez: 13:00 – 17:00. Room A2-104

Special Sessions: Detailed below

Friday 29 Sept – 2015, Venue: Manga Auditorium Jorge Taus

Plenary Speaker: Rodrigo Linfati (Chile) – “Optimización Aplicada a la Planificación”. 08:30 – 10:00

Coffee Break: 10:00 – 10:30

Poster Session: 10:30 – 12:00. Room: Manga Auditorium Jorge Taus

Special Sessions: Detailed below

Clausura – Premiación/Entrega Certificados: 12:00 – 13:00. Room: Manga Auditorium Jorge Taus


Special Sessions schedule

WEA 2017 Program V8

Wednesday 27 Sept – 2017. Venue: UTB Campus Ternera

Special Session on Computational Intelligence I – Chair: Roman Neruda
13:30 -15:00. Room: Main Auditorium.
  • ID inv-1 – Unsupervised and Supervised Activity Analysis of Drone Sensor Data. Roman Neruda, Martin Pilat and Josef Moudřík
  • ID 119 – Algorithms for dg-Order preserving matching. Rafael Niquefa, Juan Mendivelso, German Hernandez and Yoan Pinzon
  • ID 15 – Algorithmic Trading Using Deep Neural Networks on High Frequency Data. Andrés Arévalo, Jaime Niño, German Hernandez, Javier Sandoval, Diego León and Arbey Aragón
  • ID 50 – Bioinjected Algorithm in Colonies of Ants for the optimization of semaphorization in one of the most congested intersections in the Bogota City. Yesid Díaz, Andres Cardenas and Diana Toquica
Special Session on IoT I – Chair: José Ignacio Rodriguez-Molano
13:30 -15:00. Room: A2-301.
  • ID 39 – Design of a Robotic Hand Controlled by Electromyography Signals using an Arduino type microcontroller for People with Disabilities. Karen Lemmel Vélez and Carlos Alberto Valencia Hernandez
  • ID 78 – Irrigation system for oil palm in Colombia – An Internet of Things approach. Ivan Baños, Luz Magre, Erik Arguello and Juan Carlos Martinez Santos
  • ID 121 – Design and characterization of an Indoor Geolocator using Beacons captured by Bluetooth to guide and position people in a state of visual disability. Luis Eduardo Pallares, Yesid Díaz Gutiérrez and Helmer Muñoz Herrera
Special Session on Logistics and Operations Management I – Chair: Javier Arturo Orjuela-Castro
13:30 -15:00. Room: A2-302.
  • ID 68 – A two-phase heuristic for the collection of waste animal tissue in a Colombian rendering company. Eduwin J. Aguirre and Juan G. Villegas R.
  • ID 37 – ROUTING ANALYSIS AND IMPROVEMENT FOR THE PICK-UP SERVICE OF RAW MATERIAL FOR A COMPANY SPECIALIZED IN PLASTIC INJECTION. Karen Zamudio, Diana Sánchez-Partida, Santiago-Omar Caballero Morales and Jose Luis Martínez Flores
  • ID 72 – Model of Optimization of Mining Complex for the Planning of Flow of Quarry Production of Limestone in Multiple Products and with Elements for the Analysis of the Capacity. Holman Ospina-Mateus, Jaime Acevedo-Chedid, Natalie Morales-Londoño, Katherinne Salas-Navarro and Jairo Montero-Perez
  • ID 109 – Manufacturing cell formation with a novel Discrete Bacterial Chemotaxis Optimization Algorithm. Camilo Mejía-Moncayo, Alix E. Rojas and Rubén Dorado
Coffee Break: 15:00 – 15:30
Special Session on Fuzzy Sets and Systems – Chair: Juan Carlos Figueroa
15:30 -17:00. Room: Main Auditorium.
  • ID 29 – Generalization of Fuzzy Inference System based on Boolean and Kleenean relations FIS-BKR for Modelling and Control. Erika Zutta, Jhonattan Gantiva and Jairo Soriano
  • ID 16 – Fuzzy logic system based on Canvas model to evaluate the initial viability of a business proposal. Carlos Enrique Montenegro-Marin, Laura Daniela Acosta-Contreras, Andrés Ricardo Barreto-López and Paulo Alonso Gaona-Garcia
  • ID 100 – A distance measure between fuzzy variables. Juan Carlos Figueroa García, Eduyn López-Santana and Carlos Franco Franco
  • ID 113 – Fuzzy uncertainty in random variable generation: a cumulative membership function approach. Juan Carlos Figueroa García, Diana-Giseth Pulido-López and Mabel GarcÍa
  • ID 117 – Fuzzy Logic Systems for Assistance in the Anesthesiology Processes. Maria Leandra Guateque, Alvaro David Orjuela, Wilber Acuña Bravo and Juan Jose Jaramillo
Special Session on IoT II – Chair: José Ignacio Rodriguez-Molano
15:30 -17:00. Room: A2-301.
  • ID 88 – PLATAFORMAS INDUSTRIA 4.0: PROSPECTIVE IN THE COLOMBIAN INDUSTRY. Kelly Viviana Bareño Sinisterra, Stefhania Mora Mejìa and Jose Ignacio Rodriguez Molano
  • ID 91 – Power Monitoring based on Industrial Internet of Things. Oscar Pablo Porto Solano, Jose Luis Villa Ramirez and Leonardo Enrique Castellanos Acuña
  • ID 123 – Design and Implementation of an Energy Monitoring System for Buildings based on Internet of Things Architecture. Edgar Villa, Julio Hurtado and Jose Luis Villa
Special Session on Computational Intelligence II – Chair: Edwin Rivas-Trujillo
15:30 -17:00. Room: A2-302.
  • ID 27 – Intelligent Sampling for Colombian Soundscapes Using an Artificial Neural Network. Luis Alfredo Quiroz, Luis Eduardo Tobón, Jairo Alejandro Gómez and Oscar Andrés Agudelo
  • ID 62 – A Newton Raphson based-algorithm for Mitigation of Sags and Swells Using Svc and Dstatcom on the IEEE 30-Bus System. Edwin Rivas, Juan Camilo Caicedo Ulloa and Jenny Elizabeth Roa Barragán
  • ID 74 – A Wavelet-Based OFDM system implemetation on GNURadio Platform vs an FFT-Based. Sebastian Villalobos, Fabian Aldana, Ivan Ladino and Ivan Diaz

Thursday 28 Sept – 2017. Venue: UTB Campus Ternera

Special Session on Computer Science I – Chair: Juan Carlos Figueroa-García
13:30 -15:00. Room: Main Auditorium.
  • ID 48 – Model and design of the embedded hexapod robot Aduka used for hazardous environment inspections. Edicarla Andrade, Saulo Maia, Rejane Sá, Vincius Zavam and Luiz Uchôa Júnior
  • ID 59 – Obstacle evasion algorithm for clustering tasks with mobile robot. Robinson Jimenez Moreno, César Giovany Pachón Suescún, Carlos Javier Enciso Aragón and Marco Antonio Jinete Gómez
  • ID 44 – A balancing proposal for population variables in multiobjective problems: Towards Pareto’s frontier for homogeneity. Beatriz Bernábe Loranca, Carlos Guillen Galvan, Gerardo Martínez Gúzman, Martin Estrada, Diego Alberto Oliva Navarro and C. Alberto Ochoa-Zezatti
Special Session on Simulation Systems – Chair: Eduyn López-Santana
13:30 -15:00. Room: A2-301.
  • ID 43 – Model for Logistics Capacity Management in the Perishable Food Supply Chain. Javier Arturo Orjuela-Castro, Gina Lizeth Diaz-Gamez and Maria Paula Bernal-Celemín
  • ID 99 – Simulation of Fuzzy Inference System to Task Scheduling in Queueing Networks. Eduyn López-Santana, Carlos Franco and Juan Carlos Figueroa-Garcia
  • ID 56 – Dynamics of the recycling sector and the generation of waste in Bogotá. Nelson Riaño, William Velasquez and German Mendez
  • ID 64 – A hybrid system dynamics and fuzzy logic approach to social problem of corruption in Colombia. German Mendez-Giraldo, Eduyn Lopez-Santana and Carlos Franco-Franco
Special Session on Miscellaneous Applications I – Chair: José Ignacio Rodriguez-Molano
13:30 -15:00. Room: A2-302.
  • ID 120 – Postural control assessment in Multiple Sclerosis by diffusion analysis on Kinect skeleton data. Germán D. Sosa, Albert Montenegro, Juanita Sánchez, Xiomary Bermúdez, Angélica Ramírez and Hugo Franco
  • ID 105 – Motivation and performance analysis in math teaching process for elementary students with interactive learning tool Kinect Park. Erika L. Villamizar, Michael A. Salazar and Fernando Martinez
  • ID 76 – Adaptation of a Teaching Laboratory in the Mechatronics Area for the Academic Program of Mechanical Engineering of the Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia..Alberto Enrique Loaiza Garcìa, Ruth Edmy Cano Buitrón, Phil Anderson Pontoja Caicedo and José Isidro García Melo
Coffee Break: 15:00 – 15:30
Special Session on Logistics and Operation Management II – Chair: Feizar Javier Rueda-Velasco
15:30 -17:00. Room: Main Auditorium.
  • ID 108 – A Meta-Optimization Approach for Covering Problems in Facility Location. Broderick Crawford, Ricardo Soto, Eric Monfroy, Gino Astorga, José García and Enrique Cortes
  • ID 124 – Project scheduling with dynamic resource allocation in a multiproject environment. Case: Bogotá electricity distributor. Feizar Javier Rueda Velasco, Carlos Efraín Cubaque and Juan Martin Ibañez Latorre
  • ID 126 – hybrid genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization for flow shop scheduling problems. Lindsay Alvarez, Elizabeth Cruz-Pulido and Julián-Darío Tovar Roa
Special Session on Computer Science II – Chair: Gustavo Guancha
15:30 -17:00. Room: A2-301.
  • ID 3 – Data register for the Automobile control flow in Real-Time using UAV. Octavio Salcedo Parra, Brayan Steven Reyes Daza and Gustavo Guancha
  • ID 5 – A Semi-Supervised Speaker Identification Method for Audio Forensics Using Cochleagrams. Steven Camacho, Diego Renza and Dora M. Ballesteros L.
  • ID 12 – Automation of a business process using Robotic Process Automation (RPA): a case study. Santiago Aguirre and Alejandro Rodriguez
  • ID 47 – Protocol Conversion Approach to Include Devices with Administration Restriction on a Framework of Reference of Management Network. Mauricio Tamayo and Jorge Ortiz
Special Session on Computer Science III – Chair: José Sergio Ruiz-Castilla
15:30 -17:00. Room: A2-302.
  • ID 66 – Subsampling and pulse reconstruction with high frequencies preservation. Andres Jaramillo and Rafael Gutierrez
  • ID 92 – A Web-based Approach for Analyzing Microorganism Sequences. Hector Florez and Karina Salvatierra
  • ID 93 – Design and implementation of a prototype of an Automatic Weather Station for the measurement of eolic and solar energy resource. María Fernanda Rincón Cerón and Brian Yesid Garzón Guzmán
  • ID 118 – Model for Assigning Tasks to Developers on the projects development using Similarity coefficients. José Sergio Ruiz Castilla, Eduardo Daniel Escudero Santamaría, Jair Cervantes Canales and Adrián Trueba Espinosa

Friday 29 Sept – 2017. Venue: UTB Campus Manga

Poster Session – Chair: Juan Carlos Figueroa-García
10:30 – 12:00. Room: Manga Auditorium Jorge Taus.
Special Session on Miscellaneous Applications II – Chair: Roberto Ferro-Escobar
10:30 – 12:00. Room: 202.
  • ID 125 – Early warning systems, recurrent risks and location of sensors in Bogotá city. Roberto Ferro, Gabriel Andres Alzate and Helmer Muñoz
  • ID 96 – Varicella incidence rate forecasting in Bogotá D.C. (Colombia) by stochastic time series analysis. Wilson Sierra, Camilo Argoty and Hugo Franco
  • ID 4 – Development of a method to detect apneas in neonates. Santiago Arévalo González and Carlos Marcelo Pais
  • ID inv2 – El aprendizaje colaborativo: Un enfoque alternativo para potencializar la educación virtual sin la mediación docente. Bairon de Jesús Londoño Gonzales
Special Session on Power Systems – Chair: Adolfo Jaramillo-Matta
10:30 – 12:00. Room: 203.
  • ID 13 – Design and Analytical Studies of a DLC Thin-Film Piezoresistive Pressure Microsensor. Luiz Rasia, Gabriela Leal, Leandro Koberstein, Humber Furlan, Marcos Massi and Mariana Fraga
  • ID 34 – Multiobjective algorithm to minimize the THD in cascaded multilevel converters with V/F control. Jorge Luis Diaz Rodriguez, Luis David Pabón Fernández and Edison Andres Caicedo Peñaranda
  • ID 58 – Analysis of Current Unbalance and Torque Ripple Generated by Simulations of Voltage Unbalance in Induction Motors. Luis Guasch Pesquer, Adolfo Jaramillo, Francisco Gonzalez Molina and Sara Garcia Rios
  • ID 98 – Emulation of a Photovoltaic Module Using a Wiener-type Nonlinear Impedance Controller for Tracking of the Operation Point. Oswaldo Lopez-Santos, María Camila Merchán Riveros, María Claudia Salas-Castaño, William Alexander Londono-Marin and Germain Garcia
  • ID 103 – Control of a Bidirectional Cûk Converter Providing Charge/Discharge of a Battery Array integrated in DC buses of microgrids. Oswaldo Lopez-Santos, David A. Zambrano-Prada, Harold A. Esquivel-Cabezas, Germain Garcia and Luis Martinez-Salamero