WEA 2020 Plenary talks on youtube.

WEA 2020’s plenary talks are now online:

Full playlist:

Jose Luis Verdegay’s Talk:

Martine Ceberio’s talk:

Phillipe Dufort’s talk:

Robert Lummack’s talk:

WEA 2020 Thank you !!!

WEA 2020 was really successful considering the COVID-19 pandemic, we had more than 1500 attendants in 3 days of conference !!! On behalf of WEA 2020 committees, we would like to thank to all our sponsors: Facultad de Ingeniería of Universidad Distrital, the Escuela de Ingeniería of the National Colombian Army, the Corporación Unificada Nacional CUN, the Faculty of Engineering of the National University of Colombia, the IEEE UD Student Chapter and the Secretaría de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Gobernación de Cundinamarca for their invaluable support and help.

A special thanks to our Plenary Speakers: José Luis Verdegay, Martine Ceberio, Phillipe Dufort,  Robert Lummack, Nelly Yolanda Russi, Miguel Melgarejo, Germán Hernandez and Diego Forero for sharing their knowledge and inspiring ideas, all authors who made a big effort to send their papers, all our PC members and reviewers who spent their valuable time in reading and correcting all papers, all our attendants who trusted in WEA, and a BIG THANK YOU to Alfred Hofmann, Jorge Nakahara and Alla Serikova from CCIS Springer-Nature for having the proceedings ready for WEA 2020 !!!

WEA 2020 Free Online Access !!!

WEA 2020 will be opened to everybody… Feel free to access to ALL our activities in the following link:

Only participants who registered to the conference will obtain certificates of attendance, tutorials and presentation… Every room will be available 5-10mins before each session to start… See you around !!!

WEA 2020 Springer CCIS proceedings are already online !!!

We are proud to announce that WEA 2020 proceedings (CCIS Volume 1274) are available to download to our participants in the Springer’s official page. Please visit our publications page:

WEA 2020 Publications

WEA 2020 – Tutorials

WEA 2020 offers two nice tutorials to our authors and attendants… Those who have registered to WEA 2020 and attend a tutorial will get an additional certificate for its participation.

WEA 2020 – Fifth Plenary Speaker announcement !!!

It is our pleaure to announce that WEA 2020 and the Governorate of Cundinamarca (Gobernación de Cundinamarca) have joined forces this year !!!

As a result, the Governorate’s Science, Technology and Innovation office will provide the infraestructure and technical support to do all presentations in virtual mode.

Also, we are proud to announce our fifth Plenary Speaker:

Nelly Yolanda Russi Esp.

Secretaria de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación – Gobernación de Cundinamarca

Economista y especialista en gestión para el desarrollo empresarial de la Universidad Santo Tomás.

Cuenta con 17 años de experiencia en el sector público – privado y de economía mixta, se ha desempeñó como asesora de Planeación en la Registraduría Nacional del Estado Civil – Planta del Consejo Nacional Electoral, Directora de Control Interno y Gestión de Calidad, Dirección de Proyectos y Gerencia de empresas privadas, entre otros.

Descuentos para asistentes a WEA 2020 !!!

Este año WEA 2020 tiene una oferta especial para estudiantes y asistentes en general: Paga 9 inscripciones y  se registran 10 personas !!!

Mayores informes:

whatsapp: 301 6421027

WEA 2020 Springer CCIS Volume assigned !!!

It is our pleasure to announce that WEA 2020 CCIC Springer proceedings volume has been assigned: CCIS Vol. 1274 !!!


WEA 2020 is glad to announce our international plenary speakers:

José Luis Verdegay Ph.D.

Depto. de Ciencias de la Computación e Inteligencia Artificial – E.T.S. de Ingenierías Informática y de Telecomunicación, Universidad de Granada – Spain

José Luis Verdegay received the M.S. degree in mathematics and the Ph.D. degree in sciences from the University of Granada, Granada, Spain, in 1975 and 1981, respectively. He is a full Professor at Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (DECSAI),University of Granada, Spain, Director of the Models of Decision and Optimization (MODO) Research Group, Coordinator of the Master on Soft Computing between University of Granada and “Universidad Central Marta Abreu de las Villas (Cuba)”  and Delegate of the Rector for ICT in University of Granada. He has published eleven books and more than 250 scientific and technical papers in leading scientific journals, and has been Advisor of 13 Ph.D. dissertations. He has served on many international program committees and has attended numerous national and international conferences, congresses, and workshops. He has been Principal Researcher in a variety of national and international research and educational projects. He is currently involved in a research project on “Co-operative Metaheuristics and Soft Computing.” He has a long experience in the evaluation of the quality of academic institutions. He has been member and President of a number of committees with the European Training Foundation and the Spanish Ministry of Education. He also is a member of the Editorial Board of several international leading journals. He has been Chairman of DECSAI (1990–1994), President of the Spanish Association for Fuzzy Logic and Technologies (1990–1996), Advisor for Intelligent Technologies of the Spanish Science Inter-Ministry Commission (1995–1996), and Director of International Affairs at the University of Granada (1996–2000). His current scientific interests are Soft Computing, fuzzy sets and systems, decision support systems, metaheuristic algorithms, nature inspired systems, and bioinformatic, and his publications have reached an atonishing amountof more than 15000 citations !!!

Philippe Dufort Ph.D.

Saint-Paul University, Ottawa – CA

Philippe Dufort, Ph.D. is the Lead of one of the main defence research network in Canada: Innovation Methodologies for Defence Challenges. He is an associate professor and the founding director of the School of Social Innovation at Saint Paul University, Ottawa. He holds a PhD from the department of Politics and International Studies of the University of Cambridge, UK. He researches the tacit sources of military innovations by war practitioners. While many of his previous research projects are empirically-focused on Colombia, his work extends beyond the Latin America to adopt a cross-regional and global perspective. Many of his early outputs stem from his SSHRC-funded PhD dissertation titled “Critical Strategic Studies: Learning from Counter-Insurgent Practitioners in Colombia.” The dissertation was influential during the Colombian Peace Process and quoted repeatedly by the prestigious State Peace Committee on the Analysis of the War. This work has given rise to numerous publications in academic journals. Since 2016, he has collaborated with Philippe Beaulieu-B. to organize international conferences and workshops on the ‘innovative methodologies for defence challenges’ in numerous international venues and international association congresses, and to publish work in leading journals such as Journal of Military and Strategic Studies. This collaboration has led Dufort and Beaulieu-B. to act as the main mentors for a series of high level international conferences leading the diffusion of research on ‘military design’ that are attended by both high-ranking military officers and scholars. He is currently acting as the main mentor in the creation of the Colombian Generals Course Curriculum. Dufort is an associate researcher at the Colombian Superior School of War. He acted as an Associate Editor at the Cambridge Review of International Affairs (CRIA) from 2009 to 2013. Apart from his experience in academic research, he has previously worked as a journalist in Latin America, a Human Rights watcher in conflict zones, and as a contractual analyst for the Canadian Mission toward the European Union in Brussels.

Martine Ceberio Ph.D.

Computer Science Dept. – University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), El Paso, Texas – USA

Dr. Ceberio is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at El Paso. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Nantes, France.

Her research work revolves around optimization and reliable decision-making under uncertainty. These interests led her, over the years, to explore interval computations, algorithms for global optimization under constraints, multi-criteria multi-user decision-making, and approaches to solving large dynamical systems with uncertainty, as well as their applications to areas such as network security, bio-medical engineering, mechanical, software engineering, and health.

Her passion lies in developing reliable tools to generate reliable information about otherwise uncertain situations, such as the unfolding of epidemics or other adversarial situations, and to reliably propose courses of actions to counter possible adversarial outcomes of unfolding events. She has been PI or co-PI of projects for a total of about $8M, from NSF and ARL.

Her other passion is in broadening the participation of women in Computer Science. She regularly organizes summer research internships to introduce high-school girls to computing in her lab. She founded the ACM-W student chapter at UTEP in 2012 and advised it until 2018. From 2011 to 2018, she coordinated the El Paso Annual NCWIT Aspirations in Computing competition and in 2018-2019, she started a Google-funded program aiming at introducing undergraduate women to research in computing. She was part of the 2018 Faculty in Residence cohort at Google and returned to Google in summer 2019 as a mentor of the 2019 cohort.

WEA 2020 will run on virtual mode !!!

After a careful analysis of the current COVID-19 situation in LATAM and its effect into global economy (uprising of flight prices, reduction in budgets for researchers to attend conferences, reduction in Universities’ incomes, etc.), we have decided to run WEA 2020 in virtual mode. This also implies a reduction to our registration fees (compared to WEA 2019) which are now published:

WEA 2020 Author registration fees

WEA 2020 Attendant registration fees

WEA 2020 Submission deadlines – FINAL round !!!

We announce our FINAL round of submission deadlines… Please spread the message !!!

Submission Deadlines – FINAL

Paper and Poster submission deadline: April 12th 2020, May 11th, June 1st, June 22th 2020 (FINAL !!!)

Notification of acceptation: May 17th 2020, June 15th 2020, July 1st 2020, July 24th 2020 (FINAL !!!)

Tutorial proposal deadline: August 4th 2020

Final version deadline and Registration: June 14th 2020, July 20th 2020, August 1st 2020, August 31th  2020 (FINAL !!!)

Author Registration Deadline.

Author registration deadline: August 31th  2020

WEA 2020 Submission deadlines – Second round !!!

We are living a hard time and we understand that COVID-19 will affect us in different ways, so we are trying to do our best to flexibilize WEA as much as possible.  Remember: stay at home and strong… We will overcome this pandemia together !!!   

We announce a new round of submission deadlines… Please spread the message !!!

Paper and Poster submission deadline: April 12th 2020, May 11th, June 1st 2020 (Extended !!!)

Notification of acceptation: May 17th 2020, June 15th 2020, July 1st 2020 (Extended !!!)

Tutorial proposal deadline: August 4th 2020

Final version deadline: June 14th 2020, July 20th 2020, August 1st  2020 (Extended !!!)

WEA 2020 Two Journals Added !!!

We are proud to announce that WEA 2020 will have special numbers into two Journals:

  1. Revista Ingeniería Solidaria – Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (ISSN 1900-3102, E-ISSN 2357-6014).

    Ranked C by Colciencias
    , indexed by Clarivate, MIAR, Google, Latindex, Biblat, Publindex, REdIB, EGlobal and EBSCOhost. Open Access: Yes.

    Format instructions and templates:

  2. Revista Ingeniería Universidad Distrital (ISSN 0121-750X, E-ISSN 2344-8393).

    Ranked B by Colciencias, indexed by Scielo, and available on Ebsco, Fuente Académica Premier, Applied Science & Technology Source, Latindex, Dialnet, Periódica, Informe Académico, Actualidad Iberoamericana, and Red Colombiana de Revistas de Ingeniería databases. Open Access: Yes.

Authors are free to select the Journal of their preference. Only accepted papers will be considered for publication into one of the Journals (all papers will be reviewed following a strict peer-review process).

More info at our Publications Webpage

WEA 2020 Springer-Nature Communications in Computer and Information Sciences (CCIS) – APPROVED !!!

We announce that WEA 2020’s will publish their proceedings into a volume of Springer-Nature Communications in Computer and Information Sciences (CCIS) – APPROVED !!!

Springer Nature – Communications in Computer and Information Sciences


CCIS is categorized/abstracted/indexed in Scopus SJR, DBLP, Google Scholar, EI-Compendex, Mathematical Reviews, SCImago. CCIS volumes are also submitted for the inclusion in ISI Proceedings.

WEA 2020 Revista Ingeniería Universidad Distrital Special number !!!

At the same time, we will publish selected papers into Revista Ingeniería Universidad Distrital (ISSN 0121-750X, E-ISSN 2344-8393). Ranked B by Colciencias, indexed by Scielo, and available on Ebsco, Fuente Académica Premier, Applied Science & Technology Source, Latindex, Dialnet, Periódica, Informe Académico, Actualidad Iberoamericana, and Red Colombiana de Revistas de Ingeniería databases. Open Access: Yes.

WEA 2020 – CITINF 2020

We announce that WEA 2020 has joined forces with the Infantry School of the Colombian Army to organize WEA and CITINF (Congreso Internacional de Tecnología e Innovación para Infantería) !!!

WEA 2019 Springer-Nature Communications in Computer and Information Sciences (CCIS) Vol. 1052 is ready !!!

We announce that WEA 2019’s proceedings (Springer-Nature CCIS Vol. 1052) are available to donwload (see our Publications webpage).